Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 5 januari 2009

New Year, new blogging

Hi all, first of all, a crazy new year! May there be held a lot of Youtube parties and sing-a-long sleepovers…

Second: apologies to all the dutch blogwatcherss, due to some international requests from friends elsewhere in the world, I will start blogging in english. Sorry mom, you’re not able to read this anymore in 2009. I will updat my life as your son by phone (that’s old skool ;-)…

Predictions for 2009:
1) 2009 will be a record year for video content consumption (also on mobile)

2) Youtube will loss marketshare. Yeah I said it, Youtube needs to ‘be more attractive. Don’t stuck in the middle

3) Semantic web wil not be the new Web 3.0 or whatsoever. If you mention that so less companies have sufficient CRM programmes up and running, you’ll won’t be able to run a stable Semantic Web.

4) Content syndication will be key: people will be less going to your website, let the companies go to the people!

5) Buzzlogic or Radian6 will be hot. Gain as a marketer product feedback! Consumer Insights need to be taken care off!!!

6) Sentiment Metrics provides you a reputation tool. Know how your brand is being percieved.

7) Google Chrome gains meaningful market share. No more BETA for this browser. The consumer will profit from all the benefits from Google. Please, keep on innovating and give me a failure list to show you’re good in inventing!!


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