Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 3 maart 2009

measuring online influence

Nice article from Micah Baldwin.
If you want to measure social media or want to know how your influence is spread over the web. If you do have 40.000 visitors over the web who are following you on Twitter. Are you influencial? Or is the WOMMA resulting from your opinion you’re spreading something worth the trust?

Baldwin has broken the influence down into three components:
– Brand
– Expertise
– Trust

“Personal branding is the sum of your online activities and sets of expectation about who you are.”
So you can build your personal brand based on your social activities like I do with Twitter, LinkedIn, Frankwatching. or Hyves and of course this blog. How can you measure it:

Incoming traffic = pageviews from RSS feeds, Twitter, Search Engines
Incoming links = like from blogrolls or deeplinks
Reader engagement = time spent on your site
Recommendations = shares, del.ici.ous, ratings, send-to-friend
Connections = number of mutual contacts on multiple sites
Track Record = number of blog posts and word count for each post
Engagement= how often and long a visitor is on your site and how often he is revisiting it.

Is how much information you provide on one topic or a range of topics. Expertise is something which should be rated by relatives or connections

Trust is worthy as hell. Companies would die to buy some personal trust. “If it comes from a friend, you’re 52% more likely to buy a companies product, rather than you know it comes from a company”.


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