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key essentials for working with personas

Just wanted to show you the key basics on how to work with persona’s. Implicit there are four key roles for a Persona. Which you can distinct by:

  1. Competitive
  2. Spontaneous
  3. Humanistic
  4. Methodical

With the information given by Future Now, you can describe the temperaments as following.

The Competitive visitor on your site wants to see all their options. He is motivated by curiosity and wants to know all of the possibilities that your product or service offers. A Competitive likes challenges and is very self-driven. He is goal oriented and measures his self worth by determining future success. He wants to win. A Competitive quickly gets irritated with inefficiency and wants effective products that help him achieve his goals.

Spontaneous buyer
Curiosity driven
Goal oriented
Appreciates honesty
Loyal customer  (but initiative is not taken by him)

Hardest to sell
Dislikes inefficiency and disorganization
Abandons page and sale easily

How to reach a Competitive: Provide him with upfront, honest information. Establish credibility by offering obvious information that tends to be left unsaid. Never make obtuse claims. Demonstrate your product’s value and quality to win a Competitive’s trust. A Competitive is impatient and will not dig very deep for the information so he needs links to credible information and your calls to action must be obvious.

The Spontaneous visitor is a follower of trends. She needs to see that others value your products as well, which provides her assurance in her buying decision. She places a high value on others opinions and fears missing out on a good thing. She also wants new and exciting things. She is motivated by immediate gratification, so it is important to demonstrate excellent customer service even after a sale.

Follows trends
Feeds on positive opinion
Opinion based buying
Sold by word of mouth

Turned away by negative opinions
May suffer from buyer’s remorse

How to reach a Spontaneous: A personalized touch to your site will captivate a Spontaneous. She wants to get as much information as they can, but not necessarily by reading but by skimming each page. Providing your UVP here will draw her into giving more focused attention on your words that will solicit the sell. A Spontaneous likes to see—or follow links to—customer testimonials.

The Humanistic visitor also wants to see your testimonials, but for a different reason. She wants to know who you are and how you can meet her needs, which is most aptly illustrated in how you have helped others. She is interested in the big picture and often puts others needs before herself. A Humanistic fears separation and want to be accepted; therefore, she does not want to choose something that is not supported by a community. Freedom is very important and they do not want to feel “locked in”.

Motivated by guarantees and security policies
Repeat buyer

Scared of commitment
Needs constant reassurance
Relies too heavily on others’ opinions

How to reach a Humanistic: Provide links to testimonials and your “about us” page. Reassure her with money back guarantees, links to return policies and assurances of security. A personal tone often resonates best with a Humanistic.

The Methodical visitor is the one who read everything on a page. He will simply soak up as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. A Methodical is an extremely detail oriented, logical thinker. He is a problem solver and fears irresponsible decision making.

Feature, not benefit, oriented
Doesn’t like fluffy stuff
Factual based buyer
Engaged in content

Needs specific, detailed information
Needs sots of information

How to reach a Methodical: A Methodical needs hard evidence in an organized fashion. He doesn’t care about a personal touch, but rather wants an authoritative voice. The use of graphs and tables impress a Methodical. State simple facts, with very little fluff, as he is already skeptical of any claims that seem too good to be true.

Excerpt from Searchengine Guide


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