Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 5 juni 2009

revolution for instore-media

gaming approach
The new Xbox “Natal” project consist of a motion tracker where video game players can play without controller. You are the joystick. It was introduced at the show by Steven Spielberg. Just like the WII, the black bar above the telly is your tracking device, facing you as user. The new aspect is that it not only tracks 2D interaction, but put yourself in 3D on the screen and have some interaction with it. Watch the demo below.

Instore approach
Can you imagine that if we as the ANWB will apply this in our shops? Think of digital signage or interactive displays. We can have our Campaign “Vakantiewarenhuis“.  Within retail we are trying to track customer movement with several tools now, but the new Xbox could be a breakthrough. Some examples on how it could work:

– Customers walking in the store you can welcome them.
– The products stated on the screen you can pick them up and take a better look at them without having them in your hands
– Product demonstration: once picked up a product, you can see it in its natural habitat (e.g. you can put the TomTom in a simulation car to see how it works)
– Attention, awareness: if a client walks within a region in your shop, you can gain someones attention by nudging the movement.
See below the presentation at E3 (a gaming event). My point is the nice translation into our shops….


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