Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 14 juli 2009

layers on the iphone

As the Google G1 Android allready has the information layers placed, in the near future it will come to the Apple iPhone. Pointing your phone towards a statue, will present information of the statue as well as a voice recorded memo of the history. Nice if you want to search for a  ING or postbank pinautomaat, just direct your phone towards a direction and the layer gives you a suggestion on where it is. Imagine the different apps which will be made for it.

The next step is image based object identification. Where you can focus on an object and it gives you information about it in return. Imagine that you want to know what kind of shoes someone has.  Just focus on the shoes, take a picture and it gives you information back of the releasedate of the sneaker, the colourlines, the price and possibly the nearest shop where available. See the implementation of the Wikitude Air Travel Guide  on the Google Android G1

An implementation of augmented reality on your mobile. What kind of app you can think off? Want to see the ANWB shops nearby? Or want to know some of our Human Nature clothing, our Unigarant Verzekeringen advantages? Or our webwinkel items. It’s all in the Game.


Guido Gihaux


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