Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 26 juli 2009

World best job ever the journey

For those who haven’t seen the worlds best job, you can take  a deview here. One of the best media hyped advertising if you ask me. It is exclusive, no other company can copy this besides for other world class best other categories.  See the case

34 year old Briton lives his live now to the edge. The campaign generated 94k RSS subscribers. He is now working his ass off for a couple of weeks now and the public is critisizing him for not updating his blog frequently enough, not being personal or funny.  The Queensland tourism replies that the internet connection is crappy. Others say that Briton is working very hard on the different islands.

Best learning for this campaign is though the follow-up. After an enormous boost for the tourism in the region, the region is now facing the negative side of all its publicity, they’ve chosen a regular guy and not a popstar. No problem, but help this guy instead of let him surf the ocean and check if the garbage bins are being emptied….


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