Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 2 augustus 2009

maintenance mode

You really wanna know what I hate? It’s MAINTENANCE MODE. Which means that you do your stuff for a couple of years in a row in the same way again and again, and again. The program youv’e been working on worked. It was a bit of a succes, but it seems that you are now working on an AUTOPILOT.

Collaegues need to challenge eachother. Think bigger, think more strategically. Be more creative, don’t copy paste your last year marketing action. I know, it is within your comfort zone to do this year the same as allways. But in fact it is not. Every year it takes down your effectivity more and more.

No company survives the same old strategy. Think of being a new business and bring up ideas to invigorate the program. Be inventive, start a biannual brainstorm to revolutionize your marketing campaign or your product proposition. I’m looking forward to your Annualplans of 2010.


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