Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 4 september 2009

how to promote your iPhone app

to get on the list of best iphone apps, or top 10, most needed, most wanted, most usefull, iphone apps you can’t live without, or whatever. I would like you to inform about the best ways to promote your application.

  1. Offcourse, be presented in the App store (make sure you know all the regulations)
  2. earmark the name of your app with keywords where people will search on, add description and a copy of the screen shots.
  3. Submit your app to the review sites
  4. Promote your app within other apps (but make it relevant; based on age, gender, geography, categorie)
  5. share with socialize content tools like Digg, Share this, Delicious
  6. Pricing strategy (start with a €4,99 and have a promotion for €0,99) This helps to get attention on some lists
  7. Give a slideshare presentation, a Youtube movie and a podcast presenting and explaining the use of your iPhone app.
  8. The customer journey is a “through the line” one. Which means that you need to use all of your advertising possibilities both online and offline. Use a newsletter, an emailing, mention the app in the regular advertising in newspapers ecc.
  9. Use a Tell-a-friend function within the app
  10. Use a “Tweet this” function within the app (eg. to share your highscore results or to share your location
  11. Summary of 9 and 10 is to make it shareable. People want to share this with others.
  12. Update your app once in a while to get under some renewed attention
  13. Create a trial and payd version of your app to enthousiast people

Some creative tips from a brainstorm we’ve just had to promote your app: Host a app launch party, promote it in custom wrapping paper, update your linkedin status with iphone app, add the iphone app in your email signature.



  1. Cool very usefull tips on app promoting, we will definitely be using them with our next game Pong double

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