Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 1 november 2009

Literacy is done thanks to the internet

Due to the fact that we are editing and writing more than our parents did, I would like to claim that iliteracy doesnt exist anymore. The fact that kids write LOL instead of Laughing Out Loud doesnt mean that they cannot write. They just use other words.
In fact I do believe thanks to blogging, tweeting, texting, reviewing and sharing or embedding, people write nowadays more then in earlier era’s.
Because in the eighties you wrote occassionally a letter to someone, but look now how often you write, how much we now communicate.

Referring to this I would claim that educational books should be free available for everyone. It is common knowledge which should be accessible. You should put it on your Kindle or future Apple Iphone tablet, but pay for the extra service or implementation of this information. That stimulates the overall education and is a profit for all of is


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