Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 15 november 2009

Social media to get

An exerpt of the great presentation by Paul Jones
An old phrase is: what you give is what you get. If you are in a conversation with someone who talks a lot, but that person seems not to listen, he is likely to don’t get your message. It’s the same about online media behaviour. While we are trying to send all of our Twitter messages in the air, but aren’t open for responses. Why is that? Why would we use Twitter or other platforms as a new dimension on spending our marketing budget. What is it worth to realise a 100k followers on Twitter, just for the follow. Why don’t you use the reactions as your marketing input. Why aren’t you aware of your Buzz Volume and measure it as a set of Advertising Spending Capital. But it is more then that. It is valuable for you company as long as your open for it, as long as you are willing to accept the feedback and use it.

Social Media ain’t different. It is the way to communicate through the same channel as your consumers are. It is now a channel where upon both the producer as the consumer is communicating with.


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