Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 6 december 2009

10 questions for every business

You see a lot of different Social Media sites coming up. Either it is a private or a (small)business one. They all pumps up from the ground as they were weed in your garden. Each and every individual one, wants to be heard, to be followed. But please ask yourself some basic and core questions before setting up your Twitter account, Hyves page, Facebook fanpage.

If you want some additional information on the basic principles of the social media tooling, please check Groundswell.

In essence there are some main questions you may reconsider once starting your business online. And yes, because we are in a changing era of the internet (its not only a Geekthing but Anyonesthing), it is healthy for your (small) business to check the following questions:

  • What is our purpose for existing?
    Is it because you have the ultimate information, the best service, the operational excellence, a book that has never been written before…
  • Who is our target customer?
    Is it geographically divided, I don´t think so in a lot of cases. You need to rethink your customerbase, by asking yourself some Persona questions. What are the core habits of your customers? Are they in need of some relaxation, some wisdom, something against their fear?`
  • Why does anyone need what we’re selling?
    Why makes it your customer happy to buy your product, but better: wat makes him coming back?
  • If there is a need, is it enough to support a profitable business?
    Okay, we all know you cant live from one sold unit, so think about the amount of selling, your margin, your price, your competitors, the likelihood of buying (buying potential)
  • What were our competitors up to?
    The world today differs from the day after tomorrow. So what keeps you ahead or innovative?
  • Can you reduce expenses–without harming the product?
    Depending on the fact if you have operational excellence as a strategy, you might consider to add the added value. But not at all cost. Agree?
  • Do we have the right leadership?
    What is your vision, is it sustainable, can you answer all the possible questions of you clients? Are you a true leader who knows where he is talking about.
  • Do we have the right employees?
    A goal for every CEO of a big company is to have some influentials around him, advisors where he or she can leans upon.
  • How will we continue to drive revenue?
    As mentioned, nice to have this online tool you build for today, But will it last tomorrow? Will you enhance your product continously
  • Have you the right tools and do you use them correctly?
    Finally I am talking on tooling. Not just for fun, no, use a Twitter for a reason. Note that you continue your Twitter service or the spread of your content on your corporate website.
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