Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 10 december 2009

128 slides on simplicity

As mentioned to the author, why using 128 slides for explaining simplicity? No worries, most slides gain their effort and are worth reading. In essence simplicity equals usability.

To simplify, it shows to diminish the features, to hide features, to group features and fourth to display features. Just bring it back to the core. Make your experience compact. Rely on the existing user knowledge, decide where you want to put the complexity, try to trust the user. But hide features, where people can find them. Organise features by grouping them logically;  you dont understand the following: 1204753689 but it is easier to understand if the order is 123456789. Right?
Take a look at the law of simplicity:  ‘Complexity is never eliminated, merely reduced and displaced’
or the other law ‘Simplicity is an experience . it happens in the users head’
Focus on the


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