Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 29 december 2009

engage your customers

Tips to engage your customers:
Show the person behind your website (or online connection)
– by attaching pictures to blog comments
– write testimonials with real persons
– provide live chat with a real call center agent (not a logo as an avatar)
– give your corporate social media activities some personality behind it

Show some added value– deliver value (what is the reason to visit).
– Nice all those intelligent answers, but make sure it isn’t unpersonally
– show the transparancy (be honest, show real names)

Show call to action– visually prominent call to actions makes your visitors do actually something
– provide visual indications of connection with Facebook, Twitter, etc.
– make it convenient to read or to watch

– Use personas and know their ethnographics
– socialize your content (make it easy for people to share)
– solve your customers problems, don’t sell products
– know where they are and what is contextually relevant (dont sell cars on a flowerpage)
– update your blog regularly (no one likes old stuff)
– be approachable. Loose the distance. Stay connected with your customers
– As mentioned above; be human, have guts to say you’re sorry when making a mistake. Jep, to gain respect, everyone makes mistakes. Even Guido Gihaux 😉
– Involve your audience (facts show that User Generated Content adds 25% more revenue)
– Show them you are the expert. I don’t call it UGC, but Expert Generated Content.


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