Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 7 januari 2010

media consumption

media consumption
Different figures show that the use of internet is changing in 2009 and will still be changing in 2010. The use of Location Based Services will grow more and more. To make your information personal relevant and have your information or communication with your BFF (sorry for the word, but Paris Hilton is on the telly I guess….) at your side 24/7. Take a look at the market landscape of eMarketer below:

Even if we migrate to other devices such as the Tablet (iSlate), the eBook/eReader, or whatever, we still consume digitall more and more. We integrate the different channels by using the social component (either if it is Hyves, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging) in different ways in different devices. A funny pic I for those who remenisce the old days (found on DutchCowGirls). Of course, the adapation for these trends will take time. It contains a mindshift instead of a technical possibility. But let’s be proud. for the first time, technique is not limitating us in ideas…



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