Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 19 januari 2010

metered content

As the business models regarding the free Internet ethos is challenging us on inventing new ways for generating business, we discussed allready a way of paying for your content. Don’t add a lock on your website while every content is freely available on the web, but deliver a service.

What is your added value and why would I like to pay for it. The way the New York Times will do it, is to pay a sort of “usage tax” or so called “metered content”. Content when you use it on a frequent base, you are engaged to the information. A heavy user will pay for the content and a passenger will be given it for free.

The funny thing is though, that free newspapers like Spits, Metro and DAG are expending their production to a broader base. So is this metering of content really an advantage and a business model? Just wait and see how this affects NYT….


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