Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 10 maart 2010

work life social balance

This is something I thought was allready a thing ages ago, is becoming more and more reality check. Due to the fact of all the different Social Media tools, we are becoming a work-a-holic. Or not?
It is harder to differentiate between spare time for leisure activities as you are using Social Media. How often do you check your email in the weekend. But with SMM tools, you check your Twitter and Facebook all the time, anywhere. It is streaming from your mobile, via your laptop account. Your LinkedIN is 24/7 open for suggestions of headhunters, or old collegues who found you. A recent study (via Emarketer) showed the disturbed work/life balance, due to social media.

True, it is a research tool. You can listen to the wishes of your clients, or make productinnovations, do some services. But it is more than that. It is part of your core lifestyle.

My personal opinion is that this is the “bill” for being connected, anytime anywhere. No doubt about that. Blurring your time should be accepted. Even retrospecting your privacy, it should be seen as a way to improve the service for consuming products.


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