Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 9 mei 2010

5 Lessons to entertain with iPad

Please entertain me!

How to create a Book woth for the iPad.
Companies are trying to get a grip on the values and business models on an iPad. But most of them are mistaken.
I’ll tell you why

Lesson 1
– don’t scan the text so you could have an ereader or an eBook. Text alone, will not bring you anywhere. Text is for dummies who just want to know a lot of stuff. Text lacks detail, it’s nothing more then words and letters.

Lesson 2
– be creative. Don’t just make funny pictures alongside with the text. That would be like I will tell you a joke which aint funny and put a nice pictogramm with it. It doesnt make sense. Show pictures or animations which just adds value.

Lesson 3
– don’t move your books to the iPad. A book doesnt become alive when publishing it via the iPad. Give the readers something to tell, to demonstrate, to entertain. Take a look at the gaming industry where a lot of hidden germs are find in the adventure game. People are advocates of these games, and the game will be a succes.

Lesson 4
– Create a story. Be creative on different layers to play with, make interaction. Know what you want to do and tell the story which should be interesting enough and NOT suitable for a “normal” book. Link content together instead of write your own content solely.

Lesson 5
– integrate the iPad as a part of your customers life. Intervene with social networks to gain more interaction for the iPad. Think of social engagement

Bonus lesson:
– don’t distribute. The iPad is a connected thing. So connect and update. The fans will update too!

Dear companies, you can thank me later 😉

Take a look on how Penquin will be on the iPad. It comes a way, but then again, it lacks with real life interaction.

A better version is for Nike Football training iPad app



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