Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 28 mei 2010

Social Media is dead

One of the people who I follow intensively (David Armano) has presented a very friggin’ presentation on Social Media. It’s indeed a sort of a Gold Rush. If you put the term “social” in front of anything, it seems to bring value. Although social media ain’t anything new, it is the believe in serving our customers. See also the Social Business Manifesto of David:

* We will no longer view you as “consumers”. Instead, you are co-creators, participants, and advocates.
* We will actively listen, and participate authentically because we know you demand nothing less.
* We will meet you on your terms, not ours.
* We will provide value, not noise.
* We will evolve our workforce to meet the changing demands of a networked economy.
* We will focus on your needs vs. our messages.
* We will build relationships that connect us in ways where we all benefit.
* We will act ethically and transparently, because it’s no longer a choice.
* We will respond to changes quickly—we will adapt.
* We will move forward with you, not without you, because you are our future.

But I would like you to see this preso. Which gives in its core a good perception on what to do and what to believe.


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