Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 1 juli 2010

Top brands on Facebook

Top lists are popular. Who has the most… Who has got the biggest…. All top X lists. But what about quality instead of quantity. Do you really need a lot of followers, or do you want a few deeply connected followers. For example; the Top Ten brands in june 2010 of Facebook
Rank Brand Likes

1 Starbucks 7,606,987
2 Coca-Cola 5,713,367
3 Skittles 4,762,979
4 Oreo 4,664,879
5 Red Bull 4,106,096
6 Windows Messenger 4,091,247
7 Victoria’s Secret 3,644,199
8 Adidas Originals 2,949,001
9 ZARA 2,758,392
10 Victoria’s Secret PINK 2,513,306

I strongly believe that the number counts, and that you need a certain amount of followers, Diggs, Likes, Retweets, to be in the picture. But, what I do believe is the intensity in which people react, in which people are being heard, are speaking about your stuff. These people are the brand ambassadors and are the important stakeholders for your company.
Please don’t underestimate the power of a brand ambassador


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