Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 18 juli 2010

top 10 user expectations on your website

What are the expectations of your customers when they visit your website?

Your visitors surf approximately five different websites within one search. Your website is just a click nearby, but also in a click just history. In order to affect your visitor, it is essential to give them an overview of reasons why they should buy. Is your product photographed appealing? Is it easy to read, is your SEO optimised so it can be found via Google, is your content actual, honest and what does the crowd think of your product and service. See a fine overview via Getelastic.

  • pricing and shipping information (in order to compare. All inclusive prices are much appreciated)
  • looks and trustworthy of a brand (do you want to buy from them?)
  • product details and additional information (best practises, do’s and don’ts, detailed info)
  • a search functionality for every kind of surfer (via navigation, search, visual search, hierarchic search)
  • ordering advantages (discount, service, additional items, bonus, package deal)
  • User generated content (reviews, ratings, profiles, pictures and video’s, testimonials)
  • Customer Service (various ways to get in touch via call, email, IM)

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