Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 26 juli 2010

to like or not to like

Facebook is running with big steps towards one of the biggest communities. No wonder that there are parodies on the “Like” button.

What could a “like button” be good for:
– it recommends a product/service/ article
– it connects with your friends
– it matches your interests with friends with common interest
– it matches your interest with possible friends with common interest
– it shows what your friends like
– it gives you insight in search behaviour
– it gives you exposure (referrals to your site raise with appr. 150%)
– it lowers your barriere to exchange thoughts
– you can categorize types of friends and followers

It is damn easy to integrate with your website. There are several plug-inns available for either WordPress, Tumblr, etc. See also the like button
Do you want your own Like Stamp? Check Nation.


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