Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 9 augustus 2010

New ideas and business models

Frequently I have youngsters coming to my office and explaining to me they have the ultimate idea for the ANWB. Sounds great, but have they ever thought about business models, and the different ways of earning money on nice ideas.
Sure, some of them are definitely worth trying and putting them into practise, but here’s an handout for different business models. for free! 😉

– Pay per click model
If you found relevant content, you earn by redirecting the customer to the right spot. Great for advertising purposes.

– Pay per conversion model or affiliate model
Once converted into a sale, you generate profit. Take an example on Google Adwords or advertising industry.

– the old sales model
Earn profits via sales. You are as a distributer or seller worth via margin of sales.

-brokerage model

– Freemium model
A free PDF or White Paper once deliverd some personal stuf. You are now a potential hot lead and potential for a sale

– Temporarily free model
Free but time constraining. Only free for a specific period, testing period.

– Subscription model
Based on subscription of a service.

– VIP or Member exclusive model
Be part of a group and get advantages (non) financial discounts/advantages.

– Pay-as-you-go model
In this model you pay as much as you use it. For example a payment for reading each article

-Advertising model
The more targeted and contextual relevance you target, the more niche your audience is.

– Partnership with an aggregrator
Subscribe to a partner who aggregrates the likewise content or product suppliers.

– Mobile subscription with free web subscription (or viceversa)
Pay for your iPhone app and get exclusive webentrance

– author appreciation model
Not really a model but those users who want to contribute, are able to contribute whatever they like

– Content as a service model
Pay for researched content with analysis of your required data. For example the analysis from Forrester or Emarketer.

– The Network model
It’s an old dutch saying “jij doet wat voor mij, ik doe wat voor jou”. Where you exchange services

– Packaging model
Buy this and get one for free, or if you buy this one, you will get a discount on product X. Or combined are these two products less expensive.

If you have any other Business Models, please feel free to add!



  1. Hi Guido,

    Absolutely valuable info about business models. I learned a great deal from this. Thank you very much for sharing.


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