Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 2 oktober 2010

promising companies Mashable contest

Mashable is having it’s contest regarding new ventures and promising companies. Concepts in which I thought would be explorable in different directions. Take a peek at GirlsGuideTo. Referring to other girls questions, they answer them directly. Unless magazines they do have contact with a lot of girls questions which is an enormous resource for companies to digg in girls problems and questions.  How about extracting this concept to boys, dads, moms. With a dedicated group of editors and open social network, it brings definitely value to the market.

What about a great easy to use loyalty program. Most companies build loyalty programms themselves, but when you consider Groupon or Foursquare or RetailmeNot or Yelp to start building a loyal membersbase, the integration with social networks is allready done. As allready once mentioned, I do believe you have to fish where the fish are. The important thing is to coordinate all the loyalty programs in the backend to monitor the stats.

The Location Based Services are popping out as wel, for example Hotlist to see the trending venues, UberCab if you live in Frisco and in need of a swanky driver. And if you are driving to fast, use Trapster.

The US finally has his Funda, called Zillow.


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