Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 10 oktober 2010

some nice stuff again found on the web

Look what’s around on the web. Just wanted to share it with you again.

Orange is singing us some nice Tweetagrams. After Old Spice, they pick the nicest messages and sing them in the studio.

Our friends at Ogilvy updated us with a famous  UX Week 2009 video, about Steeling design and feeling great about it.

Didn’t you love cheat sheets at highschool? Well, here are a few for if you are a designer
Or do you want some Wireframe resources? Here are 35 excellent Wireframing ones -> via Noupe
Ever wondering why sites are so loaded with crap? Here is why Minimalistic Design is sooo 2011, check it out! -> via WebdesignLedger
So, you’re launching your new website. Ever thought of a checklist or To Do list for launching? Here you are. -> via Design Reviver
For me it is a disaster, working from home, distracted from doing laundry, dishes, or other boring stuff. But wanted to be inspired, here some tips (most importante one is to work effectively. Don’t waste your time. Just focus)
I stimulate people around me to follow a Time Management Course. If you haven’t had one, here are some great tips

A couple of days ago I’ve found the website YouTique. A video based fashion tips trending website. And yeah, they are the first!


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