Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 17 november 2010

People Page rank

Guido Gihaux on People Page Rank - Spotify - ANWBYou probably have 50 till 60% of your traffic coming from your search engines. The ANWB has a high Google Page Rank (9), which is good for news sites. But times are changing, I assume the fall of Search Engines. Google still will be big, but not as a Search Engine primarly. It will be about facing interest for People. Design your website for people, not for Products or for Search Engines. Don’t optimize your keywords, but make your website part of the social stream. Make your website the hub of your different activities and show them where to find you.

For the ANWB it could be where to use our products (like routeplanner) or how to stay in contact with our services if you are in need of Roadside Assistance. Don’t sell sec. insurances, but be there when people need them. Make your website social relevant. Be part of the conversation. People need to talk about you, don’t simply install an RSS feed from your newsarticles to your Twitter, but integrated and be of value. Be ranked in the social profiles, be the trending topic on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Youtube Branded Channel, specifically on your topic.

That’s why I would emphasize on People Page Rank. How are people in their use, rating your connected services. Your website is not a gallery of promoting who you are and what you do, but on being of added value for people.

Design for life, not for products




  1. I always say that unless you’re only a webshop, you are in deep trouble if your traffic depends on SEO and Google-traffic.

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