Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 27 december 2010

Work life balance

Just some simple stuff I do to work my ass of, but still have time to do the fun things I always

– don’t do regular (exact) working hours. Don’t be upsessed by the clock. Just have a margin on coming in an hour before or late. As long as you finish your settings, it’s all fine
– loose your alarms, notifications. Check your email whenever you want to
– make technology following, not leading. Only use apps or websites which has added value or which are strictly fun
– Nice all these information gathering. Only read what you’re searching for. Loose the Google Reader, Flipboard, Pulse, Twitter timelines, they just distract you
– Focus, don’t multitask. Multitasking can be alternated with doing several things right after eachother, not similarly
– Empty your head. Write things on paper or even on ePaper, I don’t care. Just don’t fill your brains continiously with information you don’t need
– Use time to think. Just 5 minutes a day to free your mind. Watch the clouds or stare at eternity.
– Sleep whenever your body say’s so. You’ll be far more productive while you are fresh


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