Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 28 februari 2011

Why would people follow brands

Why would people follow brands?
What happened with traditional internet, we nowadays see going on with social and mobile.Referring to the many brands who have now a Facebook fan page. But what drives our friends really to like us?
Understand why people should like you. Why do we have friends.

Because we are relevant or because we are there for the fun part. We add value. We believe in brands with added valuePeople share information, desires or passion about a subject, only if they benefit.
So what should te benefit be?

  • be the first to know stuff
  • see relatives with same problems or questions
  • get to know other participants and share best practises
  • have financial advantage
  • or other…

Which means that you really need to think about when starting a fan page. What messages are relevant for your fans. Don’t be a traditional company by thinking you are allowed to broadcast your message. Content curation is the king nowadays. Think of it that you receive messages as well, and be productive with the outcome. Otherwise they will dislike or defriend you, and how silly looks that a multinational brand with just twenty friends?
Think about it

Any questions, let me know


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