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New Businesses

new businesses - Guido GihauxDuring the last couple of weeks I’m working on a concept, something which is on my mind for the past few years.

In order to define the business you are in, you have to consider which business you’re into. Therefore I made an analysis of different types of businesses which I would like to share with you. The biggest question to answer is: “who are you, and what type of business are you in?” I used to say what kind of added value you put into the ecosystem, but that is something which is obvious for any business you are attempting to start with.

It starts with a concept

A vision needs a concept. In order to realise your concept, you need to do some concessions. What is your revenue stream, what is essential in order to exist in the long run. Revenue follows concepting. A statement in which I thouroughly believe; take a peak at the big shots wether the have outgrown their vision; Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Gowalla, Epicurious, Digital Footstep. They all wanted to strive their goal and they were funded from VC’s who believed in their vision.
What are you (business models)Just wanted to help you with defining your business you are in:

  • In-Context Commerce (our ANWB routeplanner helps you when you are planning this weekend a trip to The Hague, you see the advertisement of the Tramway where to park your car in order to get convenient to your destination)
  • Comparison Shopping (Google has boosted this trend with Google Product search)
  • Mobile Commerce (if you want to sell something from a mobile device)
  • Coupons (discounting with coupons. Possibility to earn coupons with Gowalla, Foursquare,etc)
  • Loyalty Programs (gain loyal customers for any particular niche)
  • E-Commerce Platforms (just a sales platform)
  • Product Search (in order to give an overview of products you have gathered)
  • Deals (great discount or other benefits due to the fact you have purchased in great amounts or for special groups)
  • Ticketing (a format to sell tickets of any kind)
  • Marketplaces (be the marketplace like craigslist of any niche or whatevah)

If you are social orientated business

  • Social Commerce (provide a platform to purchase together, or to purchase thanks to any form of social activity)
  • Chat (provide complex advise via chat, or provide a chat module)
  • Communities (gather around a specific topic and start to learn something from the crowd. Work communities are growing because of the network economy; (thanks for the tip Birgit)
  • Forums (a community with a lot of discussion and help topics)
  • Online Dating (this is a nice business model: not only dating for relationship purposes, but also if you like to find a tennis partner or a bingo buddy)
  • Photo Sharing (a business to share pictures of any kind)
  • Private Social Networking (a closed network for connecting together).
  • Professional Networking (like the online dating, but with a professional touch)
  • Q&A (I derived this business model because of the rise of Quora, Qwiki. Start a business model to provide answers on special topics)
  • Social Bookmarking (scrape the net and read it later. Bookmark a tweet or article for future reference. If you would like to be the platform to provide this, there is a market for that!)
  • Social Fundraising (I came up with this non-profit example of Helping Japan. A great way to gather money for a special cause in a online way)
  • Social Games (the gaming industry like SCVNGR is booming. Add a social component to it, and there is your business revenue)
  • Social Media Marketing (be a guru, just like me 😉 on social media. Give tips and tricks on what’s going on)
  • Social Media Monitoring (Haven’t actually mentioned the tooling industry, but hey, it’s big out there!)
  • Social Media Platforms (Provide a platform to share some stuff)Social News (a variant of the traditional content curation platform, in order to mashup news together. You add your part of the story, and I will add mine)
  • Social Television (Second Screen telly from the iPad is something ABC has developed. Watch tv and have your tablet using all the “behind the scene” information. What does the twitterstream says, where to find the shop what Justin Bieber wears.)

If you like to be in the Content business

  • Blogging Platforms (A very competitive market with players like Tumblr, WordPress, Vimeo, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, but heya, the business model exists)
  • Content Farms (a special content marketplace where anyone can add something on it)
  • Content Summarization (a business model for curating content)
  • Content Syndication (looks like the social news variant, but here you work more on an experience based level where you add your content, and I will fill in the holes)
  • E-Books (Great to write something down, but why not making it available for offline moments?)

Bridging Online and Offline (and others)

  • Bridging Online and Offline (the online and offline world bridges the gap. Why not be a business which provides that? Just like Room 77)
  • Lead Generation (jup, the hotter the leads, the more they are worth it. Don’t do the selling, just deliver to the front door)
  • Ad Targeting (a great way to be significant important, make Ad content personally relevant. Either based on surf behaviour or bookings behavior)
  • Advertising Networks (this model is one which you provide an advertising network for advertisers, make sure you add value!)

Mobile is happening, right here right now

  • Location Based Services (a model which is for any business interesting. Add value for services around you!)
  • Mobile Advertising (a lot of great options came in my mind for adding location based information on advertising)
  • Mobile Commerce (the mobile variant of a ecommerce platform on the traditional web)
  • Mobile Coupons (the mobile variant of a coupon business, but with deals directly in your neighbourhood)
  • Mobile Games (Layar started the trend with adding mashups on your mobile)
  • Mobile Payments (be a mobile payment service provider? Doesn’t that sound sexy? It sure does if you calculate the fees you can ask for it)
  • Mobile Search (what Google is for the traditional web, this claim hasn’t been there yet for the mobile industry)
  • QR Codes (a trending topic for many retailers. Add any information to a picture, scan it, and you have it all available in your device)
  • Facebook Applications (why not starting a app which you can use on Facebook. Want to bragg about something to your friends?)
  • Gamification (Allready mentioned, but Gaming industry with the FramVille and Angry Birds, is definitely big business. So come out and play!)

For sure there are more business models to define and sure I could have aggregrate some of them. But it really helped me out with defining my own small project. I want to go out with a silly but great oneline: “Think Big, start small”.


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