Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 19 juli 2011

Thank your visitors and customers

The next big thing is that we reward our visitors and customers. It is not only a one time sell, but something which is continously needed to improve your sales curve.
Instead of generating each time new customers, retaining customers is a much cheaper, but more creative solution which need to be find. What are the ways to thank your visitors.

  • First: by giving them advantages over others. The core question is “what’s in it for me”. Is there an emotional or financial benefit for both visitors and customers?
  • Give them a good feeling about what they get.
  • Make an effort
  • Give something real (see variations later on)
  • Treat retaining customers preferrably

It is not only about customers, as well as a visitor who needs to be appreciated. A visitor can be graded in value (good, better, best) by origin, frequency of visit or recency. Based on your statistics you may value a visitor from Google better than a visitor from a linkbuilding site or Campaign. When you attribute your conversion in your analytics, you know where the most profitable visitors come from.

Give them something:

  • Reward with gamification for example badges
  • Reward with inner circle advantages
  • Early information
  • Sneak peaks on copy, sale, offers
  • Couponing with financial discount
  • Combination advantages (if you buy 2 items, get a discount)
  • Additional information
  • Allow extra features or services



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