Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 4 augustus 2011

unique content

Sure, I copy/paste a lot. My intention of my Facebook accounts, my Google Plus, my Tweets, are merely to cluster the information from the web, in order to inform you what I have red. Indeed, my social content is not unique. The business content in fact, should be of added value. Not only by publishing someting new, or only about your products. Be relevant for the end-user. Newspapers are great in creating news, but are all the articles relevant? In dutch we call the “komkommer-nieuws”. News without any means, just to bring it.

How to add value to content:

  • Add a different angle, or a different perspective. Give your own point of view
  • Be new to the mass with combining some facts
  • Show the gaps in the information, add some new info
  • Ask questions, make it interactive, answer questions people have
  • Bring solutions to problems, be a problemsolver, give them a hand
  • Bundle vision or make some collaborations with other authors

What is your added value? Is it the actuality of your content? Then make sure you are up to speed with the information scattered around the web. Is your USP the completeness of your content, make sure you have had all the different angles covered in your story.

Because a picture says more then a thousand words; don’t tell people how great you are.  Show them. Proof the audience what kind of expert you are.  I allready mentioned in a previous blogpost about Solution Selling. People don’t understand what your product is all about. They only know if your product is put in the right place, if the product is shown in it’s actual habitat.  Show the solution but don’t mention the problem.

What are your ideas of making content unique? Advantages are that you don’t have duplicated content, that content is a great traffic driver. Let me know! or just by reacting…


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