Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 22 augustus 2011

Ecommerce pillars

How about getting more conversion through your channel? It’s probably not your only goal besides gaining traffic to your website. But it sure is an important one.

The most lucrative pillar is your conversion funnel. Test with the way it interacts with your visitor. Try to move some buttons next to eachother. Enhance or reduce the number of required fields in a form. Try test with bullitwise descriptors versus a simple text. Play with the type of picture you are showing, is it complex, or simple or can it be used as a replacement for your description.

Write to persuade your visitor. Know what they need, where they fall for, what the solution to their problem is. Engage with the visitor. Don’t you just write sour descriptions, but get the visitor convinced that he need to buy it. What are the benefits, the advantages, the buying reasons? Name them!

Even if you are a trustworthy party, you need to closen up with your visitor. Are there any other visitors with User Generated Content, can they help you out with answering questions, digg into more sophisticated stories? Have a face on your website, make it personal, be real!

Foremost, analyse your statistics. Without figures you can’t have any thoughts. Don’t count on your own opinion of someone else! Count on the actual behavior people show on your website. Due to actionable reporting, your statistics can value you so much more. Hire the best Site Analyst (sorry, I have got allready the three best), and make some great dashboards to function as a steering wheel.


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