Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 27 augustus 2011

Catalogs, magazines and newspaper apps

There is an urge in creating flashy (ehh html5) magazines. When the tablet came out, we were overwhelmed with the intuitive gesture interaction. Where you can slide or pinpoint with your finger. A very interactive way of using your audience to connect with your content.  I was inspired by Flipboard where Magazines came to live.

New business models were invented. Magazines could gain profit again with subscriptions. Rupert Murdoch saw the light with Apple and introduced the subscription of his newspapers. Unfortunately there are so less interactive magazines today. The interaction is either based on clicks. But not necesarrily with all the rich gesture enabled movements Apple has thought off.

When Sports Illustrated announced their Magazine, I was thrilled with it.  The interactive part is most of the times misleaded by adding a movie component or a short storyline. Great, because the motional element creates a new dimension on magazines, but it is still not interactive.

There are many tools on the market where you can create your own “interactive” magazine. Like FlippingBook. Just a retailers way of publishing a door to door leaflet. But what about real interaction. Some creative suggestions:

  • make a connection with authors via webcam
  • let readers comment and interact with a new way of forum
  • interact by polling a newsitem for the next magazine
  • ask readers to write articles, testimonials, etc. And reward them with that!
  • subscribe a license not with a regular fee, but with whatever they want to pay for it (make it marketwise valuable)
  • delete old fashioned advertising, make interactive advertising and as an advertiser provide the possiblity
  • finish a novel, create a newsitem, stimulate citizen journalism

It sure is expensive to built all these features, but what about the creativity. Why is it so hard to create rich media content? Google Catalog is a new labs invention with some kind of interaction. But it still is a magazine in digital format. Great content, but so less interaction.

I’m wondering if the iPhone5 or the iPad3 are more facilitating the way we can interact with our instruments. Or is it just waiting until these methods are gaining more public enthusiasm.


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