Gepost door: Guido Gihaux | 5 oktober 2011

iPhone 4S to be great or not

Remarkably Apple still doesn’t have streaming video during their conferences. So I was fed up with the Engadget Live Blog. Heads up guys! As if it was only for bringing Android Headphones to an Apple townhall meeting.

The iPhone 5 probably comes in january 2012. But the one great feature, most non-geeks are not yet interested in, is the Siri speak dial. Something on the Android phones works amazingly. Just tell your phone what to do and it wil help you. Looks probably a bit funny talking to your phone, but hey, it comes in handy. Period!

Take a peek at the commercial of what you can do with it

Remember you were holding your phone to speakerboxes when Shazaam was telling you the song, well maximise that!

I’m excited about the integrated iMessage. I believe we finally will use Face calling over WIFI. Something the iPhone sure can heads up to.

So, yeah, a bit astonished about the lame introduction, not overwhelming, still waiting for the iPhone5. But with the new OS5, the high definition for Video and Photographics, it is getting closer in being a camera, a gaming device and app-phone all together.

So will the iPhone 4S be your next BFF?


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