Just a nice selection overview of tools to enjoy live a lot easier.

Postrank analytics Measure your Engagement ranking scores

Trackur Measure your Social Media stuff

Social Mention A realtime search engine with blog, tweet, video and bookmark results

Bubble Us -> online brainstorm tool and online mindmapping

Managers Cheat Sheet -> nice tips for managers

Customer Experience Mathers -> Blog by Bruce Temkin

Wall of Deliverables -> Customer Experience Tools

Trading Cards (a la IDEO Method cards) -> planning tools

Work Proces Toolkit -> planning tool

Design Proces -> ontwikkelstraat achtige praktijken

How to design -> design tips

Mind Tools -> Six thinking Hats

Yunoo -> Free dutch software variant of Buxfer or Mint, to keep up your personal finances

Nice grafics -> usefull for presentations

Online Cardsort applications -> to regroup subjects and develop user opinion

Suggestion Box -> wanna improve the world? Include your products in this.

Wordtracker tool -> Nice for word suggestions

Designerswall -> nice for inspiration

Retail customer Experience -> Retail stuff

Wall of Deliverables -> Wall of Deliverables


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